Dantir is home to a variety of peoples, created at the dawn of time by the three gods. It is a place

that runs with magic energies, which are tapped almost at will by the inhabitants, and where any

individual can ask for the personal attention and intervention of their gods.

Trade and travel are conducted most often via the Portal Stone network, a series of stone plinths

connected by the flowing energies that is able to conduct people and cargo from one end of the

continent to another in minutes. Farming and industry are supported by their workers bending

the rules of nature to their needs, and the widespread Houses of the gods offer guidance and

healing to any who seek them. A system of Guilds provides training in every skill and art form,

although these are not always subscribed to by all individuals.

Now formed by nine nations, the history of Dantir is somewhat bloody. Many more civilizations

have risen and fallen to the terrors of invasion, starvation and anarchy. Some still teeter on the

brink of this, facing daily incursions by the barbaric orax and grendlers, while others have

prospered into great empires on the backs of the defeated. Relative peace reigns, under the

supervision of a High King, each dynasty elected from the leadership of the Sauger nations to

ensure that the nations do not return to the former states of war amongst themselves, or the

other civilized races of the Drummon and Eluvian.

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